June 19, 2019

Number of Furlough Days Reduced from 22 to 14


The Pentagon scales back furlough days, even as one of its unions asks it to cancel them all together.

Mergers Could Stall After BAE/EADS Deal Collapse

BAE Systems

Defense M&A faces headwind after Europe’s high-profile breakdown, but mid-tier and specialized firms could see opportunities.

Panetta Will Take ‘Whatever the Hell Deal’ From Congress

Leon Panetta

Pentagon frustration mounts as sequestration cuts remain unresolved.

EPA Tells Pax to Improve Hazardous Waste Handling

hazardous waste sign

Base lawyers work with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve handling procedures after review.

Hoyer: No Syria Strikes

Maryland Congressman argues that the situation is complicated.

F-35 Back on Track?

F-35B JSF over Pax River

The Defense Acquisitions Board may be ready to re-certify JSF program.

Money Moving for SLAM-ER

NAVAIR seeks engineering support for the Boeing cruise missile.

$1.1 Billion for JSF Engines

Pratt & Whitney takes the prize: sole-sourcing the F-35’s business end.