June 21, 2024

Defense Budget Boosts Funds for New Tech, Innovation


US House lawmakers want to allocate more than $1.3 billion for the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit, part of a continued push by Congress to develop commercial technology at a faster pace.

Foreign Hackers Targeting US Computer Systems


The top US intelligence official warns of an alarming rise in cyberattacks. The number of ransomware attacks worldwide grew as much as 74% in the past year, and US entities were the most heavily targeted in 2023. The Biden administration has updated the policy for how agencies oversee and manage critical infrastructure sectors.

Navy Wants One New Sub, Lawmakers Say the Service Needs Two


Congressional lawmakers are pushing for two submarines despite the US Navy wanting just one. A House Armed Services subcommittee has made clear it wants the service to buy two attack submarines in fiscal 2025 in order to keep the submarine-industrial base on a path of recovery.

Lex Park Library Hosts Vets Book Group


The Lexington Park Library hosts a book discussion series for veterans led by Vietnam vet Wayne Karlin.

CANCELED: US Blue Economy Topic of TPP Program

The Patuxent Partnership’s program for February 28 with US Navy retired RDML Tim Gallaudet has been canceled.

US Foreign Military Sales Hit All-Time High in FY23

Foreign Military Sales

US foreign military sales and deliveries hit $80.9 billion last year. The fiscal 2023 total was 55% higher than the previous year. FY22 saw $51.9 billion in foreign arms sales.

Navy Lowers Requirements for Enlistees

Requirements for Enlistees

The US Navy will now allow those without a high school diploma or GED to enlist as long as they reach a certain score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test. The service hopes these new standards will attract more prospects during its recruiting crisis.

Navy Settles Lawsuit Over Potomac Testing

Weapons Tests Dahlgren

A lawsuit against the US Navy regarding weapons testing on the Potomac River has been settled. The Navy will be required to obtain a Clean Water Act permit to minimize the pollution impacts from its weapons testing at Dahlgren, VA.

F-35’s Armory Is About to Get Bigger


The US Navy is launching an effort to procure four integrated advanced munitions — JASSM, LRASM, JAGM, and Hellfire missiles — on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

DoD: Percentage of Women in Military Rises


The number of service members in the US military declined last year by 2.7%. A total of 2,077,630 service members were in the active-duty and selected reserve population — a decrease of 58,282 from 2021, while the percentage of women in the military inched upward. The DoD’s 2022 Demographics Profile of the Military Community found that since 2005, the percentage of active-duty military women has increased by 2.9% while the percentage of women in the selected reserve has risen by 4.4%.