May 21, 2018

Some DoD Top Jobs Still Not Filled

Plan for DoD Cuts Meets Opposition

Some Department of Defense top jobs remain unfilled two months into President Donald Trump’s administration. Supporters of Defense Secretary James Mattis hope that a top Trump aide whom they see as a roadblock for nominees will soon move on to a new role.

Debate Over Military Budget Heating Up

ship delivery policy

The debate over the military budget is heating up in Washington between the defense hawks on Capitol Hill and the fiscal hawks in the Trump administration.

Marines Seek Ways to Combat Armed Drones

armed drones

The Marines are using “everything from shotguns to water cannons to other kinetic means” and even lasers to counter the growing threat of armed drones.

MD Gives Biggest Deal Ever to Keep Northrop

northrop grumman

State lawmakers are closing in on a $57 million deal to keep Northrop Grumman in Maryland if the company retains 10,000 jobs and proves it spent $100 million buying facilities in the state.

Pentagon: Urgent Need for Underwater Drones

urgent need for drones

A Pentagon official told an audience of submarine officers and military contractors that the US Navy needs more underwater drones — and it needs them now.

Northrop Grumman Sponsors Destination ImagiNation

Destination ImagiNation

Destination ImagiNation is another way St. Mary’s County Public Schools accomplishes its STEM For All programs.

Audit Deadline: Navy Not Ready for Prime Time

The Navy is lagging in preparedness for a 2017 deadline to be audit-ready.

DoD Missing Own Goals on Competitive Bidding

DoD Vendors

DoD is falling short of its goals for bidding out contracts competitively.

Hypoxia Nagging Safety Problem in Some Aircraft

Pilots in F/A-18 Hornet variants and EA-18G Growler aircraft may be vulnerable to hypoxia-like symptoms.

F-35A Battle Ready, Air Force Says

The first US Air Force F-35A squadron is ready for deployment.