July 17, 2024

Navy Recruiting Down; Army, Air Force OK


Reversing previous years’ shortfalls, the Army and Air Force are on track to meet recruiting goals this year, but not the Navy. While improving, the Navy hit less than 70% of its recruiting goals for the first half of fiscal 2024.

US Firms Drag Down Global Arms Sales

Last year annual weapons sales by leading US defense companies fell, contributing heavily to the top 100 global defense companies suffering a real terms revenue dip of 3.5%. The US was the chief cause of the global decline. US competitor revenues across Asia and Oceania and the Middle East saw substantial increases.

US, Britain Ready for F-35B Flight Trials

Naval Aviation F-35B flight trials

Great Britain’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has departed for the US to carry out flight trials with F-35B fighter jets at the Portsmouth naval base.

Norquist to Give Update on DoD Audit

House Will Hear of DoD Audit's Progress

Department of Defense Comptroller David Norquist is scheduled to testify before the House Armed Services Committee this week to discuss the progress of the Pentagon’s audit.