December 4, 2023

White House Objects to 2nd LCS in 2019

LCS littoral combat ships

As the Senate takes up the 2019 Defense Appropriations Bill, the White House has made clear it does not approve of a provision that calls for two littoral combat ships in 2019, one more than the Navy asked for in its budget.

Defense Spending Bills Taking Shape

Defense Spending

Both the House and Senate are proposing $675B in defense spending. The House passed its version of the defense appropriations bill last week. Lawmakers will return after the holiday to reconcile their differences in the legislation.

Defense Contractors Pay & Clearances Questioned


Contractor wages catch Senate budgeting attention again as security clearance questions fill both chambers. Next Fire Scout moves forward.

All F-35s Stay in Budget, BRAC Threats Stay Out

F-35 transonic

Despite dire fiscal reports from experts, House defense committee members remain opposed to BRAC, workforce reductions and pay caps for troops.

Budget Bill Gains Details, Sexual Assault Top Topic

Spending bill including military construction and Veterans’ Administration among first out of the hopper. Elsewhere restrictions applied to both.

Sequestration Comes Down to the Wire

capitol hill winter

The Senate is in session today to consider a House bill to stop automatic defense cuts.

Defense Stocks Fall on Obama Re-election

Barack Obama

Raython, L-3, Lockheed and Northrop take a beating on the Street.

‘Economically, We’re Holding Our Own’

St. Mary's County Commissioner Todd Morgan

The next election will be very important for St. Mary’s County, according to Commissioner Todd Morgan.

Air Force General to Take over JSF Program

Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan

Air Force Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan will replace Vice Adm. David J. Venlet as head of the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Contractors Complain About Rookie Acquisitions Force

passing baton

New government employees slowly learning the ropes as older employees retire.