February 21, 2018

Navy Receives First New Triton Drone


The Navy’s first Triton drone is set to meet early operational capability in 2018, with initial operational capability slated for 2021.

Many Firsts Aboard the USS America

F-35 costs rise

Marines are putting F-35Bs and their pilots through qualifications and tests to better understanding how small-deck carriers, the F-35s, V-22s, and combat-ready Marines can best function together.

DefSec Contemplating Institutional Overhaul

SecDef Ash Carter is mapping an overhaul of command structure and authority, offering examples in a major address April 5.

Could the F35C Carry Nuclear Weapons?

defense stocks

Flight Global revives a discussion between scientists and strategists considering where to place today’s nuclear weapons, the F35 was once a consideration.