February 20, 2024


Lexington Leader Publications

In 2024 Lexington Park Leader expanded into publishing full length books, both paperback and electronic. Its first title published Jan. 19, 2024, Murder First Then Slander by Viki Volk.

Murder First Then Slander

Harriet Love Nelson was born tarnished into the ruling society of remote, devout Coltonsville. Finding the attractive young widow murdered in her bed seemed a fittingly titillating finale to her unconventional life.

Then lawmen discover a hundred sets of fingerprints in her bedroom, and rumors of who they might belong to upend the already frenzied town. Even after the case seems to have cooled, a lone detective continues to search, eventually connecting Harriet’s murder to a sprawling gambling and offshore money laundering operation.

Far from resting in peace, Harriet craves a cosmic reckoning to right the wrongs leveled against her. And that’s just what she – and Coltonsville – will get.

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LexLeader recommends other local authors, spotlighting C.B. Lovejoy whose Gabby de Sales series are set at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Fatal Mistake

Gabriela is a newspaper editor, nothing more. Tired of her longtime career, she takes a job as a spokeswoman for a U.S. Navy base, not realizing that her new employers have plans for her that go far beyond issuing press releases.

There’s a lot more going on in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, than Gabby ever realized, and soon she is right in the middle of a dangerous mess.

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Critical Error

All Gabby de Sales ever wanted was to be a journalist. Her dreams never included carrying a gun or learning to fight.

Still, she has learned to accept her new life and is enjoying the day to day of her job when an assignment comes to accompany some of the most guarded people in the world on a hiking trip. It seems everything is going fine until her charges are kidnapped, and Gabby finds herself in the middle of a national security incident. While the kidnappers have managed to pull off a major crime, their critical error is underestimating the police.

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Also by C.B. Lovejoy,

Sins of the Family

…a family in turmoil

When their mother commits her final selfish act, four siblings are forced together to deal with the problems they avoided their entire lives. Donald, especially, must face the choices he has made since he was a teenager.
This is a story of the terrible things that can happen to a good family, and how they work to find forgiveness for their own sins.

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