July 30, 2016

DefSec Carter Prefers Senate Defense Spending Plan

US Capitol

A contest looms between House and Senate schemes for funding defense spending.

Bet on the Shutdown, Be the Only Budget Winner

by Hakan Dahlstrom Photography

Most DoD civilians return to work this week and all furloughed federal workers look to receive back pay, but industry layoffs threaten and military recovery time grows. An emerging futures market based upon government outcomes may prove the best bet in town.

Marines Approach Libya; Pax Holds Remembrance


As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches the US takes precautions across the globe and schedules remembrances at home.

Navy’s Drones Could Determine U.S. Airpower for Decades

The X-47B after its first carrier flight Tuesday. Photo: Navy

Investing in smarter drones could determine the future, which includes carriers no matter what, say Navy officials.

Five Production F-35s Cut

Photo courtesy of PEO(JSF)

Pentagon slices five F-35s from fifth production lot to pay for cost overruns in the fourth lot.

Can Super Comm. Agree?

Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

A budget group examines the two parties’ positions in Super Committee negotiations.

MD Could Lose 36K Jobs

Image courtesy of morebyless

Defense industry says state would be in top ten budget cut losers.

Northrop Cutting 800 Jobs

job cut scissors

Most cuts will come from electronics division in Maryland.

Supercommittee Slacking

capitol hill

Observers alarmed by committee’s lack of progress.

Growlers Return Unscathed


Electronic Attack Squadron 132 returned safely Stateside after Libya deployment.