June 17, 2019

Trump Overrides Congress on Arms Sales

arms sales

Despite Congressional objections, the Trump administration cleared $8.1 billion in arms sales for Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates by invoking an emergency exemption.

Trump’s Military Parade Tentatively Set for Veterans Day in DC


Nothing’s final and none of the $10 million to $30 million necessary has been located, but tentatively President Donald Trump’s military parade is scheduled for Veterans Day in Washington, DC.

Semper Fi, But Not With A Smart Phone


Smart phone technology is great, but not when you’re hiding from the enemy on a battlefield.

Ultimate Hack: Undersea Communication Cable

communication cable

Russian ships and subs operating near vital communication cable lines make US nervous, a severed line could halt governments, international economies.

Night Hunter, a Russian Helicopter Crashes

Russian Mi-28 Night Hunter

Video shows first the acrobatics then the crash of the gunship at a Russian airshow that killed one crew member and injured a second.

The F/A-18 Hornets Will Not Retire

VADM Mike Shoemaker, head of Naval Air Forces, said the F/A-18 Hornets will continue to be upgraded and remain in service until the F-35C comes on line.

Large Contractors: Profits Up, Sales & Lobbying Down

Large defense firms fared better than small firms in the first round of sequestration and small companies are urged to raise their visibility as analysts predict budget contractions will continue.