May 23, 2024

House Members Use Social Media to Keep Public Informed

social media

Winners and finalists of the 10th annual US House of Representatives’ 2019 Member Online All-Star Competition were selected by the House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer’s staff.

Social Media Shares With FBI & DHS

social media shares

Social media giants called on the FBI and Homeland Security to help the companies prepare for the upcoming midterm elections, but were told they would receive no information from the government on security threats.

Russian Fighter Jet Again in US Flight Path

Russian fighter

For the second time since November, a Russian jet buzzes the flank of a US reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea, forcing the EP-3 Aries to fly through the Russian Su-27’s flight wash.

Online Competition Winners Announced

Online All-Star

For several years now, House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer has been hosting the Member Online All-Star Competition in Congress, where Democratic members of the House compete for the most new social media followers, and the 2016 members have just been announced.

DefSec Carter Prefers Senate Defense Spending Plan

A contest looms between House and Senate schemes for funding defense spending.

V-22 Crash Pilots Face Discipline Hearing

v-22 osprey landing

Pilot error and a strong tailwind are blamed for this year’s Morocco crash.