July 22, 2024

DefSec Carter Prefers Senate Defense Spending Plan

A contest looms between House and Senate schemes for funding defense spending.

Marines Could Fly F-35 to UK


The Marines could decide they have no concerns about their F-35 jump-jet models and allow the jets to travel overseas.

Obama Puts Debt Ceiling on the Table

Despite DoD’s return to work, the furlough continues to threaten employment deep into contractor personnel ranks and back pay not yet confirmed. We hit the debt ceiling in eight days.

Morning Coffee: BRAC Stopped Cold in Senate Committee

capitol hill

Sen. McCaskill says domestic base closure proposals will not leave her base panel.

CAC Under Attack

CAC card

New Chinese virus targets DoD’s Common Access Cards.

Cuts Could Kill JSF

Defense Secretary warns that deep defense cuts would kill program.

Fake Chips Found in P-8A

Counterfeit chips caused sub hunter’s icing sensors to be unreliable.

Senate Urges VA Cuts

Senators volunteer veterans to “lead by example” in debt crisis.