June 19, 2024

DefSec Carter Prefers Senate Defense Spending Plan

A contest looms between House and Senate schemes for funding defense spending.

Infrastructure Moves Up on HASC Budget List

After years of shifting infrastructure dollars to acquisitions, the House Armed Services Committee looks ready to pony up for bricks and mortar.

Joint Chiefs: Sequester Compromises Strategic Imperatives

Budget squeeze laying groundwork for strategic failures, JCS say, as cost-cutting cooperation gets under way elsewhere for F-35 program.

Furlough Impacts Widen, JSF Stays A Budget Winner

Despite reductions elsewhere, a month of achievements and cost savings is good news for the JSF. It’s more of a mixed bag for cyber-security.

HASC Begin Mark-ups, Says No to UCAS Fund Transfers

X-47B UCAS-D on USS Truman

House Armed Services Committee budget mark-ups reject base closures despite think tanks’ advice. DoD budget shortfalls cannot be covered from UCAS funds.

CAC Under Attack

CAC card

New Chinese virus targets DoD’s Common Access Cards.

Can Super Comm. Agree?

A budget group examines the two parties’ positions in Super Committee negotiations.

DoD Expands Cyber Program

Expansion gains support from Homeland Security.