May 28, 2024

Congress’ Flub Could Hurt Pax

Officials warned that Congress’ inaction could have consequences for Pax River.

DoD Buys Lots of Biofuel

green hornet logo

DoD purchases 450,000 gallons at four times the price of oil.

X-47B Coming in Spring

The UCAS drone arrives for testing next year.

Venlet Admits Miscalculation

JSF boss says program needs to slow down production.

Defense: Weak Job Creator

Study says butter makes more jobs than guns.

Second X-47B Takes Flight

UCAS program gets a second test vehicle.

74 Laid Off at DynCorp

budget axe

Contractor cutting Lexington Park office.

Cuts Threaten MD Economy

capitol hill

Super committee’s failure could result in cuts to Maryland industries.


capitol hill

Congressional Super Committee announces inability to reach a deal.

Windmills vs. Navy Testing

Eastern Shore wind energy

State wind projects clash with Pax River’s mission.