May 16, 2024

DoD Fails 2nd Audit – No Surprise

DoD Fails Audit

DoD’s second-ever financial audit shows some progress, but uncovers more new problems than fixes. DoD has 3 million employees, 4,500 defense sites in 160 countries, a $292 billion inventory, more than $2.9 trillion in total assets, and $2.8 trillion in liabilities.

Trump’s Cabinet Taking Shape

Former military intelligence chief and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will be President-Elect Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Trump’s cabinet is taking shape.

F-35A Battle Ready, Air Force Says

The first US Air Force F-35A squadron is ready for deployment.

US Military Strength is Insufficient to Global Threats


The conservative Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of US Military Strength concludes it is insufficient given contemporary global threats; . The Navy scores strong for readiness, not capability or capacity.

Pax Reservist on the List to Move to Mars

Navy Reserve Lt. Cmdr. Oscar Mathews, assigned to NAS Patuxent River, makes the 100-person cut for a chance to move to Mars. Mars One, a not-for-profit foundation seeks to establish permanent human life on Mars.

Morning Coffee: Bad Landing Sends Global Hawk to PAX

A remotely piloted Global Hawk out of Edwards AFB crashed in 2009 and now leaves storage to serve in MQ-4C Triton development and maintenance training at NAS:Pax.

Morning Coffee: MD House Passes Turbine Moratorium

wind turbine farm

SoMd legislators sought the moratorium fearing radar interference from a wind turbine farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland across the Chesapeake Bay from NAS:PaxRiver.

Morning Coffee: 2015 Budget Cuts Deep

budget axe

Military personnel spending may drop to 2008 levels as DOD cuts back from steep wartime expenditures under the 2015 budget request released Tuesday.

NSA Monitoring Changes Pose Immediate Challenges

The president’s announced curbs on NSA data collection require complex and speedy action, prompting skepticism about how deep changes will or can be.

Full Fiscal 2014 DoD Funding Possible

A full fiscal 2014 Pentagon spending bill will be included in a compromise measure that must pass before next Tuesday night to avert a gov. shutdown.