March 28, 2023

Pax River Graduates a Dozen Systems Engineers

systems engineer grads 2013

Capt. Ted Mills to step down and retire.

Survey Finds That Federal Acquisitions Are in Crisis


Problems persist and talent pool shrinks despite attempted fixes.

First Operational Triton UAV Rolls onto Assembly Line

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

Northrop Grumman completes the fuselage for the first operational next-generation submarine hunter.

Base Officials Release Statement on EPA Fines

hazardous waste sign

Pax River spokesman says “most of the violations were administrative or procedural in nature.”

Contractors Complain About Rookie Acquisitions Force

passing baton

New government employees slowly learning the ropes as older employees retire.

$100 Million JSF Insurance

jsf in hangar

Pentagon sets $100 million aside to deal with future JSF design problems.