December 7, 2023

Nation Commemorates 9/11 22nd Anniversary


The National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City will host its annual commemoration ceremony honoring the people killed in the 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center site, the Pentagon, and aboard Flight 93, reports ABC7 New York on The ceremony begins at 8:30am.

2 Very Different Films on Ukraine

“The Witness,” a Russian-sponsored film about a visiting Belgian musician caught in the February 2022 start of war tells of atrocities committed by Ukrainians. It premiered at home earlier this month. Sean Penn, in 2021, intended to tell how a superstar comedian became the president of Ukraine, but got caught February 2022 by the invasion. It changed the film “Superpower,” which is due to begin streaming in September.

Reports of Abuse, Neglect Surface at Vets Home

Vets Home

Maryland lawmakers and advocates are concerned about reports of neglect and abuse of residents at the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, a disclosure that led the state to cancel its contract with HMR Maryland, the company that has managed the facility since 2002.

Chinese Balloon: Spying or Blown Off Course?

Chinese Balloon

A Chinese balloon’s three-day trip across the US ended Saturday afternoon off the coast of South Carolina after an F-22 fighter jet fired a missile at the balloon, puncturing it. There is much criticism of how the incident was handled as well as many questions about what the balloon was for.

NASA Targets & Diverts an Astroid

NASA spacecraft has intentionally slammed into an asteroid in humanity’s first test of planetary defense. The impact occurred at 7:14 pm ET greeted by cheers from the mission team in Laurel, MD.

Senators Urge DoD to Act on PFAS

Forty-two senators have signed a petition urging DEFSEC Lloyd Austin to treat PFAS chemicals on military installations with greater urgency, and set aside higher funding for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances testing and remediation.

‘Fat Leonard’ Is on the Lam

Leonard Glenn Francis, facing sentencing in the notorious ‘Fat Leonard’ Navy bribery scandal and under house arrest in San Diego, cut off his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet on Sunday and is on the run.

Navy: Series of Mistakes Led to Fuel Leak

The US Navy said that several errors led to the leak of jet fuel in water at Pearl Harbor last year. The service’s investigation found that shoddy management and human error caused the leak into the tap water, poisoning thousands and forcing military families to leave their homes.

US Stalls Jet Transfer Plan

The Pentagon says Poland’s fighter jet transfer offer is not “tenable,” after Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced an immediate multinational fighter jet swap to bolster Ukraine’s air force. The announcement appeared to surprise some US officials who had been in negotiations on that issue for several days.

OPM Outlines Discipline Policy for Unvaccinated Federal Employees

Federal agencies have received guidance from the Office of Personnel Management outlining the discipline process for employees who refuse to be vaccinated. Employees must get the vaccine by Nov. 8 to comply with the federal mandate. Disciplinary action could begin the next day.