May 29, 2023

Senate Wants to Reduce Sequestration by Half

capitol hill

The Senate’s budget plan would take much of the sting out of automatic defense cuts.

New JSF Program Chief Visits Pax River

Vice Adm Venlet at F35 Pax River

Vice Adm. David Venlet took his successor, Maj. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, on a tour of F-35 facilities.

F-35C Finally Catches a Carrier-style Landing Wire

F-35C JSF formation

The redesigned tailhook succeeded in catching a test wire three out of five times.

There’s a New Sheriff in JSF Town

F-35B JSF over Pax River

Maj. Gen. Christopher Bogdan is in no mood for further Joint Strike Fighter testing and production shenanigans.

Air Force General to Take over JSF Program

Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan

Air Force Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan will replace Vice Adm. David J. Venlet as head of the Joint Strike Fighter program.