April 23, 2024

House Partisanship Draws Government Closer to Shut-down

Partisanship drags US toward closure while one Democrat and two Republican governors ally to strengthen their chances for an FAA drone designation..

Acquisitions Chief Sees Leaner 2014 for Contractors

Looking to shield some programs and seeking R&D sources overseas, the Pentagon is struggling to adapt to disproportionate sequestration hits in FY2014.

Bio-fuel Lifts Osprey, But DoD Audit Still a Sinker

Yeast converts waste to fuel and gives lift-off from Pax River, but a failure to reach audit-readiness brings a rebuke from the Government Accounting Office

Crash Did Not Stall BAMS Program, Software Did

MQ-4C Triton

Director of Operational Test and Evaluation report cites software instability in flight control computers and ground testing delays.

Obama Threatens Veto of Bill Preventing Defense Cuts

White House

White House says the GOP bill is unconstitutional and does not spread the pain of budget cuts equally.

Deadline Day for White House Sequestration Plan

White House

The Obama administration must detail sequestration cuts today, according to a law signed last month.

Navy: Mechanical Failure Caused Global Hawk Crash

Capt. Jim Hoke

BAMS-D Captain says last month’s drone crash was the result of mechanical failure, not user error or communications.

New BAMS drone Unveiled in California

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

The Navy’s version of the Global Hawk will be know as “Triton,” son of Poseidon.

Pax River Drone Crashes on the Eastern Shore

Reports identify the unmanned aircraft as a Global Hawk being used as part of the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance program.

KMAX, Marines Complete ‘Hot Hookup’

Kmax helicopter

Marines load cargo onto the KMAX helicopter while it is in unmanned flight mode.