May 30, 2023

JSF Could Be ‘Biggest White Elephants in History’


In a scathing report of cost overruns and delays of the JSF, a former UK defense official says the fighter jet is already a white elephant.

Congress Still Debating Veterans Benefit Cuts

Congress is considering a number of ways to further restore veteran benefits by making financial cuts in other legislative areas.

Bio-fuel Lifts Osprey, But DoD Audit Still a Sinker

Yeast converts waste to fuel and gives lift-off from Pax River, but a failure to reach audit-readiness brings a rebuke from the Government Accounting Office

Morning Coffee: Contractors Report Healthy Earnings

capitol hill

Defense Industry spending on lobbying remained flat for the first half of the year.

Pax River’s Fuels Team Powers RIMPAC Exercise

RIMPAC biofuel

NAVAIR’s fuels team is helping the Navy move closer to its goal of deploying a “fleet of ships powered by biofuels.”

Lockheed Lays Off 740

job cut scissors

Job reductions hit the sensor unit, including 75 in the DC area, as defense giant tightens up.

Sequestration Fight Heats Up on Hill

capitol hill

Lawmakers tackle defense spending this week.

Morning Coffee: House Says No BRAC Until 2013

capitol hill

The House defense bill would prevent BRAC operations until 2013, safely past the election year.

F-35C Graded on Curve

F-35C rear

The Pentagon allows F-35C to fudge on its landing speed requirement.

CV-22 Tech Upgrade

CV-22 Osprey

NAVAIR publicly solicited five contracts Friday.