May 22, 2024

McCain Keeps Pushing New Acquisition Rules

John McCain

“Outrageous overruns” and failures in Pentagon procurement do not reflect “concerns of the taxpayers of America,” says Sen. McCain.

Number of Furlough Days Reduced from 22 to 14


The Pentagon scales back furlough days, even as one of its unions asks it to cancel them all together.

Senate Struggles to Prevent Shutdown Before Break

capitol hill

A continuing resolution bill is still winding its way through as Congress prepares to leave for two weeks.

Defense Cuts Could Cost Navy New Aircraft

F-35C JSF formation

Under sequestration, the Poseidon, Super Hornet and Joint Strike Fighter programs would all lose some new aircraft.

Morning Coffee: Kudos to the KMAX

Kmax helicopter

Vice Adm. David Architzel praises the performance of the KMAX unmanned helicopter during its Afghanistan deployment.

Pax River Could Benefit from Cargo UAV Boom

Dr. Mary "Missy" Cummings

Pax River has a role to play and an economic opportunity to seize in cargo drones, according to Dr. Mary Cummings.

Movement to Stop Sequestration Stalls

capitol hill

Some industry leaders start talking about new opportunities, rather than job losses.

Navy Putting $50 Million into Small Business Funding


Rapid Innovation Fund provides up to $3 million for small projects.

Defense Firms Look Abroad for Profits

SH-60B Seahawk

Brazil, China, India and Turkey seen as growth markets.

F-35 Orders Pile Up as Lockheed Strike Drags On

F-35C JSF night takeoff

Lockheed Martin gets a half billion more to start building new F-35s and brings on workers to replace strikers.