May 25, 2024

Eastern Shore Wind Energy Regains Momentum

wind turbines

Governments and businesses in the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland form a consortium to advance the development of a wind energy hub.

Top Ten Leader Stories of 2012


New development, a hurricane, stealth fighters and the fiscal cliff top the list.

Gate 3 Closure Snarls Lexington Park Traffic

stop sign

Commissioners complain to base commander, who points to budget reductions by Washington.

State Law Holds Up Eastern Shore Wind Turbines

wind turbine farm

New state law protecting Pax River’s radar ranges puts brakes on Eastern Shore wind power project.

Pax River Drone Crashes on the Eastern Shore

Reports identify the unmanned aircraft as a Global Hawk being used as part of the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance program.

Law Could Alert Navy on New Wind Turbines

wind turbine farm

Law change re-regulates the construction of land-based windmills, giving Pax River testers a chance to review them.

Congress Moves to Save JSF

Bipartisan caucus, backed by Lockheed, wants to stop budget chop.