April 14, 2024

Navy’s Ospreys Are Back in the Air


The US and Japan have resumed flights of the Osprey aircraft in Japan after completing the necessary maintenance and training following a fatal crash that killed eight airmen in southern Japan last year.

Time of Dissolution for Chesapeake Osprey

Disastrous weather, dreadfully timed, destroyed much of the nesting season on the lower end of Island Creek on St. George Island. The shrinking number of offspring suggests the Osprey Baby Boom of the past few decades is winding down.

Message from the Cap’n – Osprey Return

Two of the most famous osprey couples of Island Creek — Mr. and Mrs. Perfect and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet — returned to their nests March 5, 2023, from their winter digs in Central America. For the second year, the Perfects have defied osprey tradition by arriving together. And now the Bennets have accomplished this feat as well.

Message from the Cap’n — Awaiting the Osprey

Some of the Chesapeake Bay osprey are already heading up the 77th parallel from Central America making their way back to their home nests. Expect to see them by St. Patrick’s Day.

New FAA Rules for Recreational Drones

FAA Rules

Recreational drone users will face new FAA regulations that will go into effect this summer.

Ospreys Flying & Dolphins Leaping at St. George Island

Waters around St. George Island are full of fish drawing yet another contingent of young ospreys, right now just learning how to fly and fish — and drawing some very active dolphins to St. George Creek as well. Video here!

The Birds Are Back! Ospreys Return!

ospreys return

The ospreys return, ahead of St. Patrick’s Day as usual, warming water and air are drawing others birds back to their Chesapeake summering grounds and preparing the tributaries for the return of the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.

Message from the Cap’n…Change of Seasons

change of seasons

Message from the Cap’n is a compilation of fishing advice, waterman and weather insights, Chesapeake lore, and ordinary malarkey from the folks who keep their feet wet in the Potomac and St. Mary’s rivers. Today’s message is about the transition from summer into fall on the Chesapeake.

Navy Sees No Hacking in McCain Collision


Early information emerging about the Navy’s second collision of a warship with a merchant vessel suggests the destroyer USS John S. McCain lost steering just before the collision.

Japan Struggles to Accept Osprey Role After Recent Crash


Despite strong local concerns about the safety of the US V-22 Ospreys at Okinawa, the Japanese Defense Ministry describes the aircraft as imperative for Japan’s defense.