June 14, 2024

US Military ‘Will Maintain Space Capabilities’

space control

Deputy DefSec Bob Work discusses Space Control says US military “will maintain space capabilities, through all phases of conflict.”

Budget Cuts All Services & Contractor Pay, But Stocks Rise

A re-work of furlough scheduling qualifies Navy employees for unemployment insurance and a re-think of tactical nuclear strikes is needed now says a Pentagon-respected think-tank.

White House Could Delay Defense Cuts Next Year

White House

OMB says the president has the power to delay sequestration for a few weeks until Congress delivers a fix.

Low-price Contracting Threatens Incumbents

Pentagon Capitol

In an era of low-price, technically acceptable contact requirements, incumbents aren’t always the lowest bidders.

White House Again Says No to Layoff Notices

pink slip

Another directive tells contractors not to issue layoff warnings ahead of sequestration.

White House Sequestration Report Due to Arrive

capitol hill

It’s a week late, but the Obama administration’s report on sequestration spending should come Friday.

Obama Threatens Veto of Bill Preventing Defense Cuts

White House

White House says the GOP bill is unconstitutional and does not spread the pain of budget cuts equally.

White House Misses Sequestration Deadline

Pentagon Capitol

Congress wants a report on how the White House plans to make sequestration defense cuts.

Deadline Day for White House Sequestration Plan

White House

The Obama administration must detail sequestration cuts today, according to a law signed last month.

Obama Exempts Military Personnel Programs from Cuts

White House

White House makes its latest tactical move in showdown with Congress over sequestration.