June 21, 2024

Remembrances and a Bull Market on Military Strikes

As the victims of 9/11 were remembered, Kerry prepared to meet with Russia about removing Syria’s chemical weapons without a military strike while Wall Street surges on Tomahawk missile stock.

Bio-fuel Lifts Osprey, But DoD Audit Still a Sinker

Yeast converts waste to fuel and gives lift-off from Pax River, but a failure to reach audit-readiness brings a rebuke from the Government Accounting Office

Expect a Week of Hearings: US Options on Syria

Little accord on Syria puts weaponry on alert throughout the world. President Obama demands citizens participate in US decisions.

Whistleblowers Take Losses

Manning gets 35 years, federal court limits job rights of employees in sensitive positions and DoD hires a cyber chief to work with contractor cyber-security breaches.

Drones Sliding from Military Budgets

Work is halting, RFPs are slipping and budgets for unmanned military vehicles are falling.

Strategic Choices for DoD Are All Bad

Sen. Chuck Hagel

None of the three budget scenarios in the wide sweeping review reach the savings target set for the Pentagon, says Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

100 Amendments OK’d for House DoD Budget Debate

Amendments on NSA email surveillance, arms to Syria and the US role in Egypt are among those approved for consideration as the House tackles the DoD budget bill.

The Values of Higher Education

southern maryland higher education center

America’s leaders are calling for advancement of knowledge to address critical global and social and economic challenges.

Democrats Tailgating for Pre-Election Unity

football field

St. Mary’s Democratic Central Committee and Congressman Steny Hoyer to host a Redskins tailgating party in Lexington Park.

Hoyer Canvasses Lexington Park for Support

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer leads his party’s efforts to encourage support for the Democratic ticket and early voting.