December 10, 2023

DoD: Percentage of Women in Military Rises


The number of service members in the US military declined last year by 2.7%. A total of 2,077,630 service members were in the active-duty and selected reserve population — a decrease of 58,282 from 2021, while the percentage of women in the military inched upward. The DoD’s 2022 Demographics Profile of the Military Community found that since 2005, the percentage of active-duty military women has increased by 2.9% while the percentage of women in the selected reserve has risen by 4.4%.

Inconclusive Findings in Report on UFOs


An unclassified report from the US Office of National Intelligence reveals very little about strange aerial sightings reported by military pilots over the past few decades.

MQ-25 Stingray Drone Undergoing Series of Drills

MQ-25 stingray

New details and photos of Boeing’s MQ-25 Stingray drone are emerging and another prototype could be revealed soon.

US Signals Tougher Strategy With N. Korea

US Signals Tougher Strategy With N. Korea

A White House spokesman said Monday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “sent a very clear signal that our policy of strategic patience is over” with North Korea during his recent visit to Asia.

Budget Cuts Could Mean Federal Worker Layoffs

Budget Cuts Could Mean Federal Worker Layoffs

The budget cuts President Donald Trump plans to propose this week are expected to lead to layoffs among federal workers.

The Year Ahead for Military UAVs

Military Drone Exports

The US and the West are not alone when it comes to fielding advanced unmanned aerial vehicles. Its likely in 2017 western militaries will invest in complex UAVs; smaller countries will seek a basic level of drone capability.

Mobile Vet Center Comes to CSM

Mobile Vet Center

Starting out in college can be difficult for anyone, but there are specific challenges for veterans who have returned from deployment and are making the transition to both civilian and college life. To help with that transition, the US Department of Veterans Affairs has created a mobile vet center, a way to bring readjustment counseling and information to veterans, and the center will be at the College of Southern Maryland in September.

CSM Named ‘Military Friendly’ School

Military Friendly

College of Southern Maryland has been recognized as a Military Friendly school because of its efforts to ensure the success of military students, both on campus and after graduation.

K-MAX Crash Details

A report determined that the crash was preventable and occurred because the K-MAX pilots did not react quickly enough when it experienced unexpected wind.

House Reviewing Defense Procurement System

capitol hill

The House is conducting a yearlong probe in an effort to address fundamental flaws in the way the Pentagon buys weapons systems.