June 19, 2024

Navy Lowers Requirements for Enlistees

Requirements for Enlistees

The US Navy will now allow those without a high school diploma or GED to enlist as long as they reach a certain score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test. The service hopes these new standards will attract more prospects during its recruiting crisis.

House Passes NDAA w/ Restrictions

The House narrowly passed its $886 billion defense policy bill mostly along party lines on Friday, breaking a longstanding tradition of passing the legislation on a broad bipartisan basis, reports Politico. Democrats largely opposed the National Defense Authorization Act after Republicans loaded it up with controversial amendments, including ones to restrict the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, cut funding for medical care for transgender troops and diversity programs.

Ejection Seat Issue Grounds Some Navy Aircraft

Naval Air Systems Command grounded an undisclosed number of planes last week following the discovery of a problem with a component involved in the pilot ejection process.

First Woman Nominated to Lead Armed Service

US Coast Guard ADM Linda Fagan will become the first woman to lead a branch of the US armed services if her nomination to lead the US Coast Guard is confirmed. Fagan has been the Coast Guard’s No. 2 since June and was the first woman in the service to be promoted to four stars.