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Hoyer on Jobs Report: Wage Growth Falls Short

Job Growth

The US economy gained 224,00 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate rose slightly from 3.6 to 3.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ June 2019 jobs report.

Hoyer: Slow Jobs, Wage Growth Threatens Economic Expansion

Job Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its May 2019 jobs report. Job growth slowed and the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 percent.

Hoyer: Dec. ’18 Jobs Report Encouraging

Job Growth

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest jobs report shows that payroll employment increased by 312,000 in December 2018, and the unemployment
rate rose to 3.9 percent.

Dec. 2016 Report: Jobs Growth Steady

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report for December shows an economy that continues to produce jobs at a steady clip, with 75 consecutive months of job growth alongside 144,000┬ánew private sector jobs created. The unemployment rate was 4.7 percent.

Jobless Rate Falls to Lowest Level in 9 Years

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

Another 156,000 private sector jobs were added in November and unemployment rate has now fallen to 4.6 percent, its lowest level in more than nine years.

April Sees Lower Unemployment, Still Not Enough

workers unemployed

Unemployment drops to lowest since May 2008, Congressman Hoyer urges GOP to work across the aisle to open more middle class jobs.

April Job Growth Must Continue to Offset Sequestration

Congressman Hoyer calls for support for his Make It In America plan to continue the April boost in the job market.

China Steps Up UAV Development

Observers surprised at China’s speed, legislators crave drone jobs for constituents.

Forbes: More Focus on Carriers in Air/Sea Combat Planning

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter on USS Wasp deck

Congressman calls for looking at the bigger picture in air/sea defense tactics.

Hoyer Praises MD for Vets Full Employment Act

Act helps veterans transfer military credentials to civilian employment.