July 22, 2024

Orlando Shooter Worked For Counterterrorism Firm

Discovery that the shooter in the Orlando nightclub massacre worked for a counterterrorism firm calls into question how wisely security dollars are being spent.

X-47B First Aerial Refueling at PAX

First aerial refueling of the X-47B, the Navy’s carrier-launched unmanned aircraft, slated for NAS Patuxent River.

DHS Cybersecurity Can Now “Hack Back”

Hack the Air Force

A controversial DHS cybersecurity program that monitors Internet traffic government-wide is now blocking malicious operations on federal networks.

X-47B UCAS Completes Testing

The Navy’s X-47B UCAS completed its final test aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and returned to its home base at NAS Pax River after eight days at sea.

X-47B UCAS Flies With F/A-18E

x-47b UCAS-D on USS Truman

In a historic first, an unmanned X-47B UCAS both took off and landed alongside a manned aircraft, an F/A-18E Super Hornet.

DoD Contracting Competition Analysis

DoD contracts awarded without competition rose from 39 percent in 2009 to 42 percent in 2012 and in 2013 the contracting non-compete rate rose again.

X-47B Precursor to Larger UCLASS Fleet

The Northrop Grumman X-47B’s future is unclear and a debate about just how much strike capability UCLASS aircraft should provide is still underway.

Armed Drones Risk “Perpetual War”

The report states armed drones should not be “glorified nor demonized” and resulting civilian deaths are fewer than from manned strikes.

Navy UCLASS Plans Disrupted by Congress

Potential Boeing UCLASS

“Drones have disrupted the military’s usual way of doing things. And there’s a lot of pressure to get this program right.”

Morning Coffee: X-47B to Fly with F/A-18 This Summer

X-47B UCAS-D on USS Truman

This next test of the Navy’s full-size UAV follows a year of successful takeoffs and landings testing and most recentl an April night flight over NAS:PaxRiver.