September 23, 2023

Pentagon Delays Carrier Deployment over Budget Fight

x-47b UCAS-D on USS Truman

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta delays the deployment of the USS Truman to the Persian Gulf.

Congress Proposes $631 Billion Defense Bill

money stack

The bill challenges the Obama administration’s pledge to veto a bill with unnecessary programs.

Morning Coffee: China Conducts Its First Carrier Landing

china carrier landing

China lands a domestic version of the Russian Flanker on their test carrier.

First Operational Triton UAV Rolls onto Assembly Line

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

Northrop Grumman completes the fuselage for the first operational next-generation submarine hunter.

Congress Finally Focuses on Sequestration

capitol hill winter

Suddenly, the public is far more aware of the “fiscal cliff.”

Low-price Contracting Threatens Incumbents

Pentagon Capitol

In an era of low-price, technically acceptable contact requirements, incumbents aren’t always the lowest bidders.

Panetta Will Take ‘Whatever the Hell Deal’ From Congress

Leon Panetta

Pentagon frustration mounts as sequestration cuts remain unresolved.

Sequestration Fight Heats Up on Hill

capitol hill

Lawmakers tackle defense spending this week.

Talbot to Cooperate on Pax River, Turbine Study

Talbot County will participate in a joint the joint land use study on wind turbine encroachment effects on Pax River’s testing operations.

DoD Planning Auto-Cuts?

Secretary of Defense Panetta says the Pentagon may plan for sequestration.