August 9, 2020

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Furlough Impacts Widen, JSF Stays A Budget Winner

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Furloughs extend beyond base civilian employees, reports The Enterprise.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

The F-35 completes its first launch to eject mission; details at the Dew Line.

HASC defies think tanks, endorses a $552.1 billion defense budget and $85.8 billion in contingency operations does not address any base closures, reports Breaking Defense.

Defense Industry Daily gives a defense budget blow-by-blow, noting JSF endorsement but also loss of Super Hornet. Bipartisan support for full JSF funding warned stalls now would cost more later, reports Aviation Week.

Although Time’s JSF series disagrees, Breaking Defense reports, F-35 costs keep falling.

Director of National Defense James Clapper called disclosure of internet spying program “reprehensible and egregious,” reports CNN Security. Whistle blower Edward Snowden explains why he did it, to The Guardian. Forget the scandal, says Intercepts, PRISM is a sweet taxpayer deal. Mark Zuckerman joins others denying Facebook’s complicity, reports Politico.

Another Guardian leak shows President Obama seeking heightened offensive cyberwarfare efforts, reports CNN Security. Meanwhile NATO is setting up cyber-defense teams, reports Defence Talk. And the Naval Academy first service academy to offer cyber operations major, reports Defense Tech.

CIA analyst finally gets credit for cracking the “Kryptos Sculpture Code” at The Agency’s headquarters in Langley, reports Wired. But still the fourth code within the sculpture by Jim Sanborn, St. Mary’s County resident, remains unbroken.

Congress not satisfied with DoD 2012 mission-review and call for audit, reports Inside Defense. (Paywall.)

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to review shrinking forces, curtailing capabilities with service leaders and combatant commanders next week, reports Inside Defense. (Paywall.)

Senate will mirror House, move simpler defense bills through first, said Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which expects to begin its work on the budget mid-June, reports The Hill.

Senator Clair McCaskill blocks vice commander appointment to U.S. Space Command in protest of nominee Air Force General Susan Helms overturning of a guilty verdict in a sexual assault case, reports The Hill.

Pentagon trend continues with Pratt-Whitney agreeing to assume 100 percent risk for cost overruns on F-135 engine, reports Aviation Week.

Vice-President Joe Biden is working to close $4 billion F-18 deal between Boeing and Brazil, reports Aviation Week.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus making slow progress to fuel efficiency with dwindling budgets, reports Breaking Defense.

Climate change impacting Pentagon strategy, reports The Hill.

“The Seven Deadly Sins of Defense Spending,”  a report released last week could save the Pentagon $500 billion, according to Center for a New American Security, reports Breaking Defense.

NAS:Pax brings aboard first Staff Judge Advocate  in 10 years, reports The Tester.

Russia tempering talk of further arms to Syria, reports Defence Talk.

IT employees putting less effort into their current jobs and looking for new jobs despite pessimistic economic outlook, reports CIO.

SAIC, McLean, Va.; BAH, McLean, Va.; L-3, Mount Laurel, N.J.  and National Technologies, Inc., Alexandria, Va.  each awarded modifications to business financial management, and program and business analysis services contracts supporting NAWCAD. Shared ceiling of $10,248,828 exists for the ordering period; 89.9 percent of work at NAWCAD Pax River, Md. and 10.1 percent at NAWCAD Lakehurst, N.J. Completed expected in June 2014.  Funds to be obligated on individual orders as issued.

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