December 1, 2022

GAO: Aircraft Readiness Goals Not Being Met


A Government Accountability Office report finds that more than two dozen military aircraft fleets — the bulk of the US’s military airpower — haven’t met their annual combat-readiness goals in at least a decade.

US Ups Funds for ‘Tactical’ Nuclear Weapons

The ’23 Defense Authorization Act adds funds for a “low yield ” or “tactical ” sea-launched nuclear cruise missile program of the Navy’s. The sea-launched missiles do create a large, powerful blast compared with conventional missiles but considerably smaller than strategic nuclear weapons, also making for easier handling and storage.

Another Historic Moon Launch for NASA

Moon Mission

NASA’s biggest test flight of the year is set to launch this morning. At 8:30 am EDT today, Monday, the Artemis 1 mission, an ambitious flight to the moon by NASA’s most powerful rocket ever — the Space Launch System — will head into space.

Marines Use Games to Recruit

Few events capture raw aggression of the Marines’ boot camp rite of passage as when two recruits try to clobber each other with padded poles as weapons, pugil sticks, to the cheers of onlookers. Now, with graphics out of Star Trek, the Marines are simulating the pugil stick experience as a recruiting tool,