July 21, 2024

New Presidential Helicopter Fleet on Schedule

Presidential Helicopter Fleet

Sikorsky is four years into its $1.2 billion contract to replace the president’s helicopter fleet with its VH-92A in 2019.

F-35A Battle Ready, Air Force Says

The first US Air Force F-35A squadron is ready for deployment.

DoD Faces Possible Year-long Emergency Spending Measure

DoD Fails Audit

DoD may have to operate under a year-long emergency spending measure that will leave it short on funds.

Contractors and DoD Must Change to Stay Competitive

Pentagon Capitol

Defense contractors and the US military must globalize and adopt more commercial practices.

RADM Winters Describes New UCLASS RFP Details

Potential Boeing UCLASS

RADM Mathias Winter, unmanned aviation executive officer, provided new details this week regarding requirements for its UCLASS development effort.

Both Pilots Stable After Goshawk Crash

The training aircraft crashed upon an approach to Sherman Field at NAS:Pensacola at the end of a local-area, routine flight.

Bipartisan MD House Delegation Meets with VA Sec’y Shinseki

The average wait for a veteran’s claim decision is 273 days. In Maryland it’s worse, veterans wait on average 332 days or 11 months for a claims decision from the Baltimore Regional Office.

VA Opening New Outpatient Center in Charlotte Hall

Congressman Hoyer says all veterans should have access to high-quality health care.

DoD Gets a ‘B’ for Clear Writing; VA Gets an ‘F’

report card

The Center for Plain Language gives the Pentagon a passing grade for writing clearly, but fails the Veterans Administration.

White House Threatens Veto of Military Spending Bill

White House

Obama administration unhappy with House’s MILCON and VA bill.