June 20, 2024

McCain to Be Buried at Naval Academy

John McCain

Funeral arrangements for Sen. John McCain include a Saturday service at the Washington National Cathedral in DC and burial at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Drones Show, Races Come to St. Mary’s


Join the St. Mary’s County Department of Economic Development, Rugged Sky Media, and the International Drone Racing Association as they present Race X Maryland: International FPV Drone Races & Show this weekend.

Great Mills HS Suffers 17th US School Shooting in 2018

Great Mills HS

Great Mills High School in Lexington Park, Maryland, is at the top of the list — for March 20 — of the 17 school shootings in the US since the start of this year.

Concerns Mount Over Vulnerability to Cyberattacks


The US is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks as Russia & China advance their cyber-warfare and cyber-espionage capabilities to challenge the US. Already classified military hardware data has been stolen.

Cyber Studies Added to Midshipman Classes


Everyday studies at the US Naval Academy will now include lessons for midshipmen in how to operate in the cyber domain. The addition reflects the reality of the world wherever they head next,

A Decade at Ausley

James Black has seen a lot of changes at Ausley Associates in his 12 years.

Logistics Make It Happen

They say amateurs talk strategy, but professionals talk logistics.

Building Human Capital

Human Capital Management is based on the idea that people are a company’s true asset.