March 22, 2023

McCain to Be Buried at Naval Academy

John McCain

Funeral arrangements for Sen. John McCain include a Saturday service at the Washington National Cathedral in DC and burial at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.

DoD Defends Troubled F-35 Rollout

F-35 top test pilot UK

F-35 complexities involve millions of lines of code, an integrated stealth design that includes advanced sensors, radars and electronic warfare capability.

Surveillance Aircraft Top House Priority

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities are top priorities and include the Northrop Global Hawk and Boeing P-8 aircraft.

No Furloughs for 2014, but Job Cuts Possible

budget axe

The Pentagon has ruled out furloughing civilian employees in 2014, but it has not ruled out job cuts.

Election Could Polarize House Armed Services Committee

capitol hill

Election turnover could threaten the bipartisan atmosphere of Congress’ House military oversight committee.

Defense Cuts Could Cost Navy New Aircraft

F-35C JSF formation

Under sequestration, the Poseidon, Super Hornet and Joint Strike Fighter programs would all lose some new aircraft.

Pentagon Budget Arrives

job cut scissors

Proposed budget would cut the military for the first time in a decade.

$1.1 Billion for JSF Engines

Pratt & Whitney takes the prize: sole-sourcing the F-35’s business end.

NAVAIR Needs Toughbooks

NAVAIR solicited two contracts and awarded one yesterday.