April 18, 2024

Military ‘Not an Amazon Prime’ for Weapons

The US no longer has the capacity to quickly produce needed wartime assets, like 155 mm artillery shells, or to rapidly repair vital sophisticated systems, like radar, in theater. “There’s not an Amazon Prime for these weapons systems,” said Justin Woulfe, Systecon’s chief technology officer.

NASA Targets & Diverts an Astroid

NASA spacecraft has intentionally slammed into an asteroid in humanity’s first test of planetary defense. The impact occurred at 7:14 pm ET greeted by cheers from the mission team in Laurel, MD.

Naval Aircraft Crashes Grew in 2014

In 2014, the Navy again reached its high of 14 Class A flight mishaps in a year. The numbers had been dropping since the last 14 mishaps in 2008.

Morning Coffee: Cyber Confirmation Hearings Begin

Edward Snowden appears via satellite the day before Congress launches confirmation hearings on VADM Michael Rogers to lead NSA & US Cyber Command

Morning Coffee: Nuclear Cheating Expands to Navy

Adm. John Richardson, director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, said of 16,000 sailors in the program, less than one percent are involved, and no students.

Google Buys DARPA’s Favorite Robotics Lab

Boston Dynamics became the eighth robotics firm Google has purchased in the past six months. Current military contracts will be honored, say Google execs, but the company doesn’t seek to become a military contractor on its own.

Defense Spending Bill Winds Toward House Floor

Republican leadership struggles to keep spending bill on track with NSA surveillance funds intact and without restrictions regarding actions in Egypt or Syria.

Joint Chiefs Chair & Vice-chair Face SASC

Gen. Martin Dempsey and Adm. James Winnefeld will field global questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee, but confirmation of second terms for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Joint Chiefs is expected.

JSF Delays, A Predator Variant for Civil Airspace & NATO

The JSF delays continue, a cheat sheet for the still unfolding Edward Snowden saga and the U.S. continues to excercise restraint in cyber-weaponry.

Budget Discussions Include Delaying JSF, Ending Fair-Share

F-35 JSF helmet

Congressmen seek end of equal allocations among military branches, call for re-balancing through strategic planning. The Reserves might not survive.