July 25, 2024

Who Has the Strongest Military in the World?

Global Firepower’s 2024 Military Strength Rankings are out, and the United States tops the list.

Project SCOPE Helps Master Security Clearance Process

Project SCOPE

The Patuxent Partnership reminds job seekers that security clearances are essential to many jobs in Southern Maryland, and TPP is publicizing a Fort Meade Alliance program, Project SCOPE, designed for those tackling the process.

DISA Leadership in Action Series Continues


The Defense Information Systems Agency invites those interested to experience a dynamic information-sharing program hosted in partnership with the Fort Meade Alliance. The Patuxent Partnership is helping to publicize the DISA Leadership in Action event.

TPP Reminders: Webinars, Virtual Interview Day


The Patuxent Partnership continues to share information from the agencies located on military installations Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground that may be of value to its members and colleagues. There will also be a Virtual Interview Day next month.

Budget Discussions Include Delaying JSF, Ending Fair-Share

F-35 JSF helmet

Congressmen seek end of equal allocations among military branches, call for re-balancing through strategic planning. The Reserves might not survive.