December 4, 2023

Is Your Commodity Controlled? By Whom?

There is now a “Specially Designed” decision tool to walk exporters through to a determination of whether their company’s commodity is controlled.

Pick A Commodity – Any Commodity

Do you know how the restructuring of the US Munitions List and Commodity Control List affects your exports? TSA’s ITAR expert does.

Cover Letters – Make a Good First Impression

Want to speed up your ITAR application turnaround time? Learn the tricks to get your application processed quicker and more easily.

House Approves Spending Bill

capitol hill winter

The House of Representatives passed the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill and it now moves to the Senate for its consideration.

Were YOU Talking to ME?

You saw the “who,” now it’s time to answer “So, is that ME?” of export control reform.

Change Is Here for Export Control, So Is Help

Heidi France, with 10 years export experience will be outlining and explaining Export Control Reform on TSA’s blog and also available to help.

MedStar St. Mary’s Upgrades the Roadshow

The brand new J. Patrick Jarboe Mobile Medical Center arrives in St. Mary’s County, the result of an outpouring of community tribute to its namesake.

A Windy Race after the SATs

The Sailing Center Chesapeake teaches students to sail, to race, to log the results and do it all without missing the SATs. A point considered in Hana Zwick’s report.

SoMD Teens Inspired by LEAD Camp

Southern Maryland teens learn leadership skills at LEAD 2013 summer camp.

Defense Spending Bill Winds Toward House Floor

Republican leadership struggles to keep spending bill on track with NSA surveillance funds intact and without restrictions regarding actions in Egypt or Syria.