November 29, 2023

Panel Focuses on 5th Gen Fighters, F-35B/C

F-35 Lightning II

TPP & ANA host a briefing on “Maintaining 5th Gen Fighters, F-35B/C, in the Naval Environment” June 25, 5-7 pm, Pax Naval Air Museum.

Morning Coffee: Nuclear Cheating Expands to Navy

Adm. John Richardson, director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, said of 16,000 sailors in the program, less than one percent are involved, and no students.

Navy Seeks Warehouse Space in St. Mary’s

The Navy is looking for warehouse space of about 29,137 square feet in St. Mary’s County.

Americans Rank Military Top Contributor to Society’s Well-being

The Atlas robot reports in to Robotics Challenge, Pax team designed safer flight deck uniforms, international cyber discussions expand but legislatively US cybersecurity looks to weaken.

All-Volunteer Force: ‘Consequential Shift’ in US History

Civilian drone workers looking to organize; India debates foreign defense investment cap; exec salaries ‘deconstructed’; IRS targets more than conservatives; vet employment up; Navy seeks RAD.