July 8, 2020

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Obama Threatens Defense Bill Veto

White House

Meanwhile, the House adds $5.3 billion to the Pentagon’s tab.

Sequestration Fight Heats Up on Hill

capitol hill

Lawmakers tackle defense spending this week.

Talbot to Cooperate on Pax River, Turbine Study

Talbot County will participate in a joint the joint land use study on wind turbine encroachment effects on Pax River’s testing operations.

Pentagon, House at Budget Standoff

House passes a $643 billion defense bill while Defense Secretary Leon Panetta tells Congress to quit larding up budget.

Morning Coffee: House Says No BRAC Until 2013

capitol hill

The House defense bill would prevent BRAC operations until 2013, safely past the election year.

Morning Coffee: Congressman Aims at F-35 Funding

F-35B JSF over Pax River

Rep. Atkin wants to withhold half of the F-35’s procurement spending unless the program issues a due date for operational capability.

Morning Coffee: House Moves to Boost Defense, Stop Auto-Cuts

capitol hill

Bills coming from the House’s defense appropriations and budget committees would protect military budgets.

MetCom to Hold Hearing on Raising Water, Sewer Rates

water meter

Proposed budget would hike rates by a few dollars.

Morning Coffee: New Bill Aims to Stop Defense Cuts

capitol hill

House bill would reverse cuts scheduled to take place under sequestration.

Morning Coffee: House Tacks $4 Billion on Defense Bill

capitol hill

The bill is now $4 billion over the Pentagon’s request and $8 billion over what is permitted by the Budget Control Act.