July 25, 2024

Morning Coffee: Debate Begun on FY15 Defense Budget

In an all too familiar pattern, the defense budgets of the Senate, House, Pentagon and White House fail to match up for FY15.

Talbot to Cooperate on Pax River, Turbine Study

Talbot County will participate in a joint the joint land use study on wind turbine encroachment effects on Pax River’s testing operations.

F-35 to Fail Testing?

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter sunset

Despite an accelerated 2011 test scheduled, some JSF systems are behind.

Happy Xmas; War is Over

Military marks the end of the Iraq War with Baghdad ceremony.

Veto Threat Dropped

White House drops threat to veto Defense Authorization Bill.

Super Comm. Eyes Defense

capitol hill

Congress’ debt reduction group finally addresses defense spending.

‘Sci-fi Warfare’

Morning Coffee looks at BAE’s autonomous Mantis drone.

Morning Coffee 7-21-11

U.S. on hook to pay 70 percent of $1 billion in JSF production overruns.