January 28, 2020

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

DoD to Begin Issuing Furlough Notices this Week

Pentagon aerial

Meanwhile, a fight over the MEADS missile program stalls a continuing budget resolution in Congress.

Senate Struggles to Prevent Shutdown Before Break

capitol hill

A continuing resolution bill is still winding its way through as Congress prepares to leave for two weeks.

Senate Wants to Reduce Sequestration by Half

capitol hill

The Senate’s budget plan would take much of the sting out of automatic defense cuts.

Continuing Resolution Passes the House

capitol hill

The bill does not stop sequestration, and the Senate is crafting an alternative plan.

Navy Seeks to Modify Sequestered Contracts

Pentagon Capitol

The Navy wants to obtain contract modifications for programs who will run out of cash because of sequestration.

DoD Slowing Contractor Payments to Preserve Cash Flow

Pentagon Capitol

Pentagon says it will honor current contracts but faces a cash crunch with sequestration.

F-35B Shipboard Testing on the Chopping Block

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter on USS Wasp deck

Plans to test the Marine’s Joint Strike Fighter on the USS Wasp could be cut under sequestration.

Federal Union Wants Contractors to Pay for Cuts

dollar cut

American Federation of Government Employees says savings on contracts could cover furlough costs.

Pentagon: BRAC Is Back for Fiscal 2014

Pentagon Capitol

Another round of base closure will be proposed in the fiscal 2014 Pentagon budget request March 25.

Pentagon Delays Carrier Deployment over Budget Fight

x-47b UCAS-D on USS Truman

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta delays the deployment of the USS Truman to the Persian Gulf.