July 25, 2024

Retiring Ed Greer Takes Job at MILCorp

ed greer

The former head of the Pentagon’s Development Test and Evaluation office has joined as COO.

Rear Adm. Jaynes Gets a New Job

Rear Adm. Cindy "CJ" Jaynes pinning

Rear Adm. Cindy L. Jaynes will be assigned as commander of Fleet Readiness Centers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

Obama Threatens Defense Bill Veto

White House

Meanwhile, the House adds $5.3 billion to the Pentagon’s tab.

Cuts Threaten MD Economy

capitol hill

Super committee’s failure could result in cuts to Maryland industries.


capitol hill

Congressional Super Committee announces inability to reach a deal.

New Passel of Poseidons

p-8a poseidon flutter test

Navy inks contract for seven more P-8A sub hunters.

Super Comm. Eyes Defense

capitol hill

Congress’ debt reduction group finally addresses defense spending.

Morning Coffee 8-25-11

Sen. Cornyn presses Ashton Carter to defend the JSF.

Morning Coffee 8-22-11

Larger, high-endurance Fire Scout approved.

Morning Coffee 8-19-11

Rumor: $100 billion in new cuts in 2013.