June 15, 2024

Morning Coffee: House Moves to Boost Defense, Stop Auto-Cuts

capitol hill

Bills coming from the House’s defense appropriations and budget committees would protect military budgets.

Morning Coffee: X-47B Prepares for a Shocking Test


Attack drone to undergo 2,000-volt shock test at Pax River.

Morning Coffee: No Mechanical Failure in V-22 Crash?

v-22 osprey landing

V-22 fleet is not grounded, suggesting the crash was not caused by a mechanical issue.

Morning Coffee: Crash Unlikely to Hurt Osprey Program


Marines have too much love for the tiltrotor aircraft.

Morning Coffee: Navy Releases Details on Fire Scout Crashes

Statement says the incidents were unrelated.

Morning Coffee: Here Come the Eastern Shore Windmills

Eastern Shore wind energy

Crisfield project scaled back under pressure from Pax River.

Morning Coffee: Automatic Defense Cuts Look Likely

capitol hill

Time is running out for Congress to reverse “sequestration” cuts.

Morning Coffee: Poseidon Program Readies for Training

As flights ramp up for the P-8 Poseidon, currently testing at Pax River, the program moves to train crews.

DoD Gets Tough on JSF

DoD wants a stronger management role on the F-35.