June 9, 2023

Defense Stocks Rise, Despite Fiscal Cliff Drama

funny money

The military’s fourth quarter rush to close contracts before sequestration has boosted defense stocks.

Retiring Ed Greer Takes Job at MILCorp

ed greer

The former head of the Pentagon’s Development Test and Evaluation office has joined as COO.

Fuel Line Failure Causes F-35B Grounding


A vertical takeoff and landing model of the Joint Strike Fighter experienced a fueldrolic failure.

Hope Fading for Sequestration Deal in March

capitol hill winter

One representative says he doesn’t think Congress is capable of a deal.

Fire Scout Seen Improving in Full DOT&E Report

Fire Scout at Pax

The full version of the Director of Operational Test & Evaluation’s 2012 report is now available online.

Read the Joint Strike Fighter DOT&E Report for Yourself

F-35C rear

Lightning vulnerability, late software, high costs and lowered performance plague the aircraft.

New Era for Navy Alliance

New president says it’s time for the group to take a more public role.

JSF Cited for ‘Lack of Maturity’

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter sunset

The high-tech helmet isn’t ready, and the F-35B is developing cracks, according to the DOT&E report.

All DoD Workers Could Be Furloughed Under Latest Plan


Virtually all civilian defense employees would be furloughed if Congress doesn’t resolve sequestration by March.

The First F-35C Trainer Rolls off the Line

F-35C JSF first trainer

The Navy’s first stealth aircraft trainer will head to Florida to hone the skills of F-35C pilots.