June 24, 2024

Boehner May Delay Leadership Vote


House Speaker John Boehner’s replacement will be voted on Thursday, but the vote for the No. 2 and No. 3 leadership slots may be delayed.

50th Anniversary: Op Rolling Thunder

Air Force commemorates 50th anniversary of Operation Rolling Thunder, the massive, B-52-led, first assault of a three-year, sustained campaign over North Vietnamese territory.

What Are Carter’s Views on Military Force & Pay?

DefSec Budget

When to use military force and how much should the military be paid are likely topics for Ashton Carter’s confirmation hearings as DefSec scheduled for February.

Boehner to Senate: Pass Defense Budget Bills

The House completed work months ago, but Party quarreling in the Senate continues to hold up passage of the Pentagon spending bill. Senate leaders intend to reconsider the bill next week after returning from a two week hiatus.

Super Comm. Eyes Defense

capitol hill

Congress’ debt reduction group finally addresses defense spending.