September 23, 2023

Morning Coffee: Australia Backs Off F-35

F-35C rear

Australia will push back a decision to buy Joint Strike Fighters for two years.

Morning Coffee: Pentagon Says F-35 Wobbly, but Stabilizing

Meanwhile, Canada’s top auditor blasts the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Morning Coffee: Congress Slams JSF Cost Overruns

F-35C JSF Pax hangar

Foreign partners wavering on fighter program.

Wind Turbines Find Support

Eastern Shore wind energy

Pax River reaches compromise with Somerset County officials.

Congress Needs a Threat?

capitol hill

Hoyer says looming sequestration cuts will force Congress to deal.

Two F-35Bs on Deck

New video shows testing maneuvers of two F-35Bs on USS Wasp.

UCAS Drone Cruises

X-47B UCAS-D cruise

X-47B flies without landing gear extended.

Security Checks Costing Jobs

Contractors losing jobs after bad credit on routine background checks.

Tricare records stolen

The records of 4.9 million beneficiaries were in stolen briefcase.

Morning Coffee 8-22-11

Larger, high-endurance Fire Scout approved.