June 21, 2018

Drones Now World’s Weapon of Choice

They’ve changed the way we go to war.

JSF Scrutinized; Red Tape Is Cut for Aircraft Exports

As the JSF undergoes increasing cost surveillance and accountability studies at home, the White House is making foreign weapon sales easier.

Obama Signs Bill to End Looming Fiscal Crisis

Congress passed and Obama has signed a bill to finally clear the way to reopen government and avoid default.

South Korea: No to Boeing’s Silent Eagle

South Korea holds out for a later-generation option as President Obama at U.N. opens door to Iran, stays tough on Syria.

U.S. House Reps Seek Protection for DoD Budget

Several efforts under way to soften sequester impact on Defense spending.

Two More Furlough Days, Readiness Still Suffers

The Deputy Secretary of Defense makes the news rounds to tout a DoD budget realignment that rolls back the unpopular civilian furloughs and also to warn of a loss of military readiness as a result of sequestration.

Defense Spending Bill Winds Toward House Floor

Republican leadership struggles to keep spending bill on track with NSA surveillance funds intact and without restrictions regarding actions in Egypt or Syria.

F-35 Budget Flies through Senate, Costs Predicted to Fall

Obama calls for nuclear reductions, Hagel says military will sustain nuclear weapons and delivery platforms. Nuclear Employment Strategy released.

Budget Cuts All Services & Contractor Pay, But Stocks Rise

A re-work of furlough scheduling qualifies Navy employees for unemployment insurance and a re-think of tactical nuclear strikes is needed now says a Pentagon-respected think-tank.

Triton Flies, Budget Micromanaged, No Funds for BRAC

As defense budgets are marked up, drones clear hurdles technically and philosophically.