July 22, 2024

DoD Sticks With F-35 Current Engine


The Pentagon is abandoning its efforts to develop a next-generation adaptive engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, going instead for an upgrade to the current F-35 engine — a major win for F135 maker Pratt & Whitney.

F-35 Production Flight Operations Resume


Lockheed Martin resumed accepting flights of newly built F-35 Joint Strike Fighters early this week, nearly three months after an engine problem grounded new jets and halted deliveries.

Raytheon Cuts 19,000 Staff & Contractors


Raytheon Technologies cuts 15,000 staff and 4,000 contractors, mostly in the Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace divisions, due to decreased commercial aerospace sales from the COVID-19 pandemic. The action reflects a 20% cut at both divisions, and include both temporary furloughs and a hiring freeze

‘Space Corps’ Debated as 6th Military Branch

space corps

DoD brass questions the wisdom of a Space Corps separate from the Air Force as House and Senate committees consider a 6th military branch among multiple options in the debate of how to address the national defense of space.

What Does Future Hold for Next Joint Fighter?

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter sunset

F-35 chief says the Pentagon should think hard before making another joint fighter.

X-47B First Aerial Refueling at PAX

First aerial refueling of the X-47B, the Navy’s carrier-launched unmanned aircraft, slated for NAS Patuxent River.

Navy to Update Maritime Strategy

H-53E Sea Dragon

The Navy will release a new version of their global maritime strategy document to face new factors including China’s navy, cybersecurity and budget cuts.

Navy Targets ISIS in Syria

Two Navy aircraft carriers launched 47 Tomahawk missiles and Navy fighters were also involved in the strike on ISIS along with other US aircraft.

Mikulski Optimistic on Avoiding Shutdown

Senator Mikulski believes that Congress can pass a stopgap spending measure by this weekend and avoid an October 1 government shutdown.

Wind Farm “Jeopardizes” NAS Pax River

Any economic benefits derived from the wind farm project will be overshadowed by the damage the facility could inflict including jeopardizing NAS Pax River.