February 18, 2019

Navy Wants to Fly Drones without Chasers

X-47B UCAS-D cruise

The Navy wants FAA approval to fly unmanned aircraft domestically without visual observers.

Blazer Wins Webster Field Construction Contract

Webster Field drones

Great Mills construction firm will construct $1.6 million unmanned aircraft facility.

Surge in Cancelled Contracts Gives a Preview of Sequester

budget axe

The federal government terminated 13,579 contracts ($2.15 billion) last fiscal year.

Sequester Could Bring ‘Devastating Recession’ to Region

capitol hill

Region gets 20 percent of Federal payroll dollars.

Rear Adm. Jaynes Gets a New Job

Rear Adm. Cindy "CJ" Jaynes pinning

Rear Adm. Cindy L. Jaynes will be assigned as commander of Fleet Readiness Centers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

Demand Still Strong for Small Drones


The military small UAV market is still booming.

Continuing Resolution Could Stall Sequester

capitol hill

Congress passed a bill maintaining the budget instead of submitting a new budget, but the move could stall defense cuts.

Navy Needs a Strategic Drone Plan


Internal assessment finds that the Navy needs a better plan for integrating and hardening drones.

Jobs, Pensions on the Line with Sequestration

job cut scissors

Defense industry may issue layoff warnings and terminate pensions in advance of next year’s cuts.

As War Ends, Drone Money Dries Up

tigershark uav

As the Afghan war winds down, the procurement bureaucracy will reassert control of UAV spending.