February 25, 2018

Air Force Leads UAS Purchasing

150422-N-CE233-377 PATUXENT RIVER, Md. (April 22, 2015) The Navy's unmanned X-47B receives fuel from an Omega K-707 tanker while operating in the Atlantic Test Ranges over the Chesapeake Bay. This test marked the first time an unmanned aircraft refueled in flight. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

While the Air Force leads for now, the Navy’s UAS purchasing is growing the fastest in the forces.

Navy Considers Tying UAVs to Fighter Jets

F-35C JSF formation

The Navy has been going through a lot of UAV considerations and now may look to connecting its drone platforms to F-35s, E-2s or Super Hornets.

Davin Promoted at Compass Systems


Taylor Davin has been appointed director of business development and proposals at Compass Systems Inc.

Compass Sponsors Displaced Vet Housing at Greenwell

Compass Systems Inc. joins Greenwell Foundation to build non-traditional displaced vet housing at Greenwell State Park. compass-sys-inc.com/

Transportation & FAA want All Drones Registered

drone owners

All drones, even those operated by hobbyists, could be required to register with the Dept. of Transportation and/or Federal Aviation Authority, perhaps as soon as November.

Russian & US Aircraft Too Close Over Syria


Moscow agrees to continue talks about continuing close encounters between their aircraft and US manned and unmanned aircraft.

Drones in Restricted Airspace Face $1.9M Fine

drones in restricted airspace

FAA proposes $1.9 million fine on SkyPan International Inc., a small Chicago-based aerial-photography firm for 65 flights of drones in restricted airspace.

Drone Boon @ Wallops Island

Wallops Island

NASA predicts drone traffic could increase 10-fold at Wallops Island.

DoD Faces Possible Year-long Emergency Spending Measure

DoD Vendors

DoD may have to operate under a year-long emergency spending measure that will leave it short on funds.

Russian Role in Middle East Expanding Rapidly

Israel is concerned Russian weapons in Syria will reach Hezbollah.