June 25, 2018

McCain: Amp Up Defense Spending to Counter Threats


Sen. John McCain says the US needs to spend much more on defense to counter rising threats worldwide.

DefSec Carter Hits House, Senate ‘Micromanagement’

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is angered by “unhelpful micromanagement” resulting in changes to the draft Defense Authorization Bill.

Long-Term Debt Thought Greatest Threat to US

Veteran military and diplomatic leaders see swollen national debt as the chief security risk to the nation.

DefSec: Investments Continue in UAS Technology

Don’t count unmanned aerial systems out just yet. A Senate subcommittee hears that investments are still being made in the UAS technology despite the military’s shift to more advanced systems.

Wallops Hopes to Land East Coast Drone Hub


Virginia wants to establish a facility for drone testing at the Wallops Flight Facility. Officials say the permanent duty station would provide 400 jobs. It is in competition with Key West Naval Air Station and Mayport Naval Air Station in Florida.

Infrastructure Moves Up on HASC Budget List

After years of shifting infrastructure dollars to acquisitions, the House Armed Services Committee looks ready to pony up for bricks and mortar.

Air Force Leads UAS Purchasing

150422-N-CE233-377 PATUXENT RIVER, Md. (April 22, 2015) The Navy's unmanned X-47B receives fuel from an Omega K-707 tanker while operating in the Atlantic Test Ranges over the Chesapeake Bay. This test marked the first time an unmanned aircraft refueled in flight. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

While the Air Force leads for now, the Navy’s UAS purchasing is growing the fastest in the forces.

Navy Considers Tying UAVs to Fighter Jets

F-35C JSF formation

The Navy has been going through a lot of UAV considerations and now may look to connecting its drone platforms to F-35s, E-2s or Super Hornets.

Davin Promoted at Compass Systems


Taylor Davin has been appointed director of business development and proposals at Compass Systems Inc.

Compass Sponsors Displaced Vet Housing at Greenwell

Compass Systems Inc. joins Greenwell Foundation to build non-traditional displaced vet housing at Greenwell State Park. compass-sys-inc.com/